Exercises: Deadlift

The deadlift is considered to be one of the best exercises for overall strength  and power as well as a way to correct postural issues.  Although many say the injury risks involved should keep most away from deadlifting, the simple fact is that if done properly, there is minimal risk of injury, and the benefits far out way the risks. 

Why My Workouts Last Only 1 Hour

“Because I don’t have the time” may seem like the quick and easy answer. And although there is truth in this, it actually goes a lot deeper than just simply not having the time. Yes, like many people, I have a busy life. Between my day job, training/coaching, writing, and spending quality time with family, I like many others am often short on time.

This however, is not the main reason I don’t train for several hours each day, and quite honestly I don’t think most should. read more