Exercises: Overhead Press

The overhead press, often referred to as the strict press, is often debated as to whether it is a good exercise to include in your training or not. The reason many don't is because in order to safely perform it, you have to have healthy/mobile shoulders. 

Exercises: Back Squat

The back squat, like the bench press, is often one of the main exercises within most strength programs. Many argue that the squat is the all around best exercise due to its ability to develop high levels of strength and muscular size, and when done for high reps can work the cardiovascular system quite nicely.

Exercises: Bench Press

A staple in most programs, the bench press can be used to strengthen  all the musculature of the upper body.  It can actually be used as a full body exercise just as deadlifts or squats can, if performed as a powerlifter would.

Primary Movers: Chest

Secondary Movers: Triceps, Shoulders

Movement Type: Compound

How To: 

  • Lie on the bench, feet flat on the floor, shoulders pulled back and down.
  • Place hands a little wider than should width.
  • Unrack bar (with or without spotter help) keeping shoulders pull back. This is your starting position
  • Lower bar under control to mid chest.
  • Keeping feet on the floor, and butt on the bench, push weight back to starting position.
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